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Graphic Shirts and Printed Skirts

If you couldn’t tell already, I love color! I especially love a colorful print. I believe a graphic shirt reveals something about the person’s personality who is wearing it. A graphic or geometric print tee can reveal if someone loves color, has a bold personality, their favorite music genre, or their faith. I personally do not like to wear an image of person on my shirt, but if it’s cultural I make an exception. I love this tee with an African queen. It’s colorful and cultural. This printed shirt is black and white with colorful image embedded in it. The pleats in the skirt allow the image to be revealed when the wind blows. This skirt can easily be paired with a solid tee or tank top with a bold necklace and earrings. And the shoes, well that depend on your personality. If you want to dress it up wear a high heel pump or sandal. If you prefer to keep it casual and comfy wear a trendy sneaker; solid Pumas or Vans will do.

Shirt & Skirt from: Fox’s Designer Off

Shoes: Dolce Vita

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